JSR 286 spec draft 14

何だか、変更点を見ると、まだ、いろいろと変えているな・・・。javadoc を見ると、FilterやWrapperが入ったりしている。GenericPortletを見ると、processEventとserveResourceが違いかな。

  • XSD: replaced expiration-cache with caching
  • API: changed expiration time from long to int
  • removed serveFragment
  • allow cookies to be set in action and event response too
  • changed shared render parameters into public render parameters
  • moved nextPossiblePortletModes to the render response
  • added container runtime option API
  • added runtime options: javax.portlet.renderHeaders, javax.portlet.includedPortletSessionScope
  • renamed ClientHttpRequest into ClientDataRequest
  • added MimeResponse
  • clearified PortletURL.setSecure



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