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Subject: JSR 168 Comments: PortletResponse#encodeURL(String) Problem
Hello JSR 168 members,
I have a problem about PortletResponse#encodeURL(String) method.
According to Portlet API Java Doc, this method throws
IllegalArgumentException if the path doesn't have a leading slash
or is not an absolute URL. But HttpServletResponse#encodeURL(String)
accepts them(does NOT throw the exception) and returns the unchanged
value. It means that they are a different behavior. This behavior,
for example, affects ExternalContext#encodeActionURL(String) in
JSF spec. The method calls these encodeURL methods. So, I think that
the difference confuses developers. Actually, the problem occurs on
Jetspeed(Pluto)+MyFaces environment(Please see the following bug).
Could you review the difference between Servlet and Portlet API?
I'd like to know what the motivations were to being different.
Best regards,
Shinsuke Sugaya
Apache Portals Jetspeed

一応、Apache Portals の名前を使って、なるべく返事が返ってくるようにアピールもしてみたりして 🙂 はて、どうなるのかね。


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